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Expressing Mental Health Thru Art

In today’s world, it is very important to be aware of your mental health. With the rising number of cases with causes including technology, expressing yourself can be very difficult. We focus on 8 mental health conditions and we dive into how you can express yourself thru art.

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Depression can cause a number of different physical and behavioral symptoms. It is a persistent feeling of sadness which leads to a loss of interest in daily activities.


The feeling of worry and/or fear in everyday situations can bring a normal level of anxiety. Higher levels of anxiety can lead to a faster heart rate and other medical conditions.


With a wide range of symptoms, autism can range in severity. Autism usually causes difficulty with common social behaviors.


Mood swings that can cause a change in energy from up to down and vice versa. Bipolar episodes can last days to months. 

Obsessive Compulsiveness

Persistent with repetition and arranging things to a specific manner. OCD can gradually vary though life. 


Stress can cause physical and emotional tension. It reacts to your body when you presented with a challenge or demand.


Experiences and thoughts that are out of reality. Schizophrenia can cause hallucinations and  random behavior.


With the loss of cells growing in the brain, your mind loses thinking abilities. Dementia usually ties to memory loss.

Art That is used to show or hide what’s inside

Living with a mental illness is not always easy and not everyone is going to understand you. With different types of treatments to help with mental health issues, we focus on the art. We want to help others express themselves when it is hard to be understood by their words.  With our designs, we plan to bring happiness and comfort thru the art of fashion.

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