Everyone experiences occasional levels of anxiety and that is normally part of life. Excessive levels of persistent worry and fear can lead to anxiety disorders. In different cases, anxiety disorders usually consist of repeated episodes of intense fear and can cause panic attacks. These feelings of fear and worry can start to interfere with daily activities.


It is possible to have more than one anxiety disorder at a time. This can include social anxiety, separation anxiety, and many more. Symptoms can start during early childhood and can gradually grow as you become an adult. You may also feel anxiety in certain environments and situations and decide not to interact to prevent these feelings. 


With a variety of symptoms and causes of anxiety, this can lead to different levels of severeness.  Everyone can experience anxiety at a different level and this results in the type of treatment needed to help with anxiety. 




Sense of danger


Increased heartrate


Overwhelming worry

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Having a little bit of anxiety is normal in day-to-day life. With different types of anxiety, it is important to show that you may feel anxious and need extra assurance to avoid fear. With our designs, we want to help release anxious thoughts and bring in positivity. 

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