Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by challenges with social connection and communication, and also being limited by certain behaviors. These signs frequently grow step by step however, a few kids with chemical imbalance achieve their development achievements at a typical pace before getting worse.


Autism is related to a mix of hereditary and natural factors. Risk factors include pregnancy issues like drug use during adolescence and immune system diseases. Controversies have proposed ecological causes; for instance, vaccines, which has been disproven. Autism influences data that is being processed in your head and sends it to the wrong connections and different parts of the brain.


Individuals with chemical imbalance might be seriously hindered in certain regards however in different cases, autism can be either less or more. Autism starts bit by bit after the age of 6 months and becomes fully set up by the age of 2 or 3. It usually proceeds through adulthood, but at a more slower pace. Autism is not classified as one single symptom but instead as a characteristic trait of symptoms that may include abnormal social interaction, improper communication, and repetitive behavior.


Speech delay


Unaware of others’ emotions


Difficulty with social interactions


Repetitive behaviors

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Autism is very unique and needs the same level of love to help anyone feel united. When you are able to take part in a unique interaction, it is important to always smile and understand who you are interacting with. With our designs, you can spread awareness and give autism positive energy to allow for better interactions.

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