Bipolar is a mental disorder that causes you to experience periods of depression and elevated moods. The elevated mood which is known as mania or hypomania, makes you behave in a more energetic and happy manner. During the periods of depression, you will experience behaviors like crying, negative demeanor, short attention span, and challenging thoughts.

The in-between side of bipolar disorder is called a mixed state. It is a condition where symptoms of both mania and depression can occur simultaneously. Individuals experiencing a mixed state may have symptoms such as irritable thoughts while experiencing depressive symptoms such as excessive guilt. 

Episodes of mood swings can occur rarely or periodically throughout the year. Living with bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, but you can learn how to manage your mood swings by staying consistent with a treatment plan. It can also be treated with proper
medications and psychological counseling.


Mood swings


Unwanted thoughts


Loss of interest


Risk taking behaviors

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Going periods of times while going thru ups and downs can be very energy consuming. It can also feel like you are not being yourself and that you can’t fully control it. With our designs, it can become easier for people to understand your change of behavior when you are not feeling like yourself anymore. 

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