Dementia portrays a gathering of indications influencing memory, thinking, and social capacities from your brain. It Is not a particular symptom, it is a few distinct symptoms may cause dementia. When you age this can meddle with your everyday life.


Dementia, for the most part, includes memory loss from various causes. Having memory misfortune alone doesn’t mean you have dementia. Alzheimer’s illness is the most well-known reason for dynamic dementia in more established grown-ups, however, there are various reasons for dementia. Contingent upon the reason, some dementia indications might be reversible.


Memory loss


Inability to recognize things


Mental decline


Limited social skills

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Everyone has to face aging and health becomes more important the older you get. When you get to an older age and brain cells start fading away and memory isn’t the same, it is important to finish the current day before going to the next one. With our designs, it can help express the meaning of losing pieces of yourself but still being optimistic to make it thru the current day and be happy.

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