Depression can be described as a mood disorder that causes you to have a  persistent feeling of sadness. This sadness can start to affect your daily activities and cause you to lose interest. When you constantly lose interest it can start to affects how you feel, think, and behave and it can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Depression happens when you are in a low state of mood. You may also have difficulty in thinking and concentration. Usually, life events and changes that cause depressed moods include medical diagnosis, loss of loved ones, and many more. Long-term development of depression can cause you to develop a lower energy personality. 

There are different ways to help cope with the depression that includes therapy and sometimes proper medication. But drug abuse can also cause depression, so please make sure you follow your doctor’s instruction. Other ways to help with depression can be a more positive life change and allowing yourself to be more social to people who have uplifting energies. 


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With a variety of levels that depression can bring, being about to manage stress can help with depression. If you feel depressed, it is a good idea to find someone that you can trust and talk to. With our designs, they allow you to show what you are feeling inside and help express a feeling that you have when you are alone. 

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