Obsessive Compulsiveness


Obsessive-compulsiveness a psychological issue wherein an individual wants to play out specific schedules over and over (called “compulsions”). Regular compulsions include excessive hand washing, tallying of things, and verifying whether an entryway is bolted.  These patterns can even strike to such an extent, that your day by day life could be negatively influenced. 


The reason is unknown. There have been studies done about OCD coming from hereditary genes that have been more seen in identical twins. Other factors incorporate a background of abuse and other stress-inducing events. A few cases have been reported to happen following contaminations. The analysis depends on the side effects and requires precluding other medication-related or therapeutic causes.

Treatment includes counseling and proper medication. Without treatment, the condition can frequently keep going for decades. Counseling includes showing you how to purposely come into contact with the circumstances that trigger the compulsive repetition, without doing the associated act that comes with the trigger.



Compulsive behavior


Fear of germs


Persistent repetition of words


Social isolation

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Sometimes there are urges that you can’t fight. Living with OCD can always be a battle of repetition and reacting in a pattern as well. With our designs, we help show how living with uncertainty can be a good thing and how to embrace day to day urges. 

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