Stress is how your body responds physiologically or biologically to a change in environment or situation. Basically, it’s the way our body reacts to a change in conditions such as a threat, challenges, and psychological barriers. Your nervous system responds to stress and after going thru a lifetime of stress, it can start causing different mental conditions.


When stress first occurs, it can activate a fight-or-flight response through your sympathetic nervous system, which can cause you to become more aware of your surrounds but tries to keep your body at a steady condition. After a long period of build up with no proper management, it can start affecting you psychologically and starting messing with your immune system.


In order to have your lower stress level, you must be able to know how to manage it. Being aware of your stress level means that you need to be able to monitor it. When you are aware of higher levels of stress you can take charge and make choices that will lead to a change in mindset to better the situation. This can include taking deep breaths, exercising, and talking to someone you trust.






Aches, pains, and tense muscles


Cold or sweaty hands

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Handling the pressures that come with life changes and being in different environments we understand that it is important to manage your stress levels. The art that we provide can help display what stress may feel like and how it can help someone perceive it. 

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